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I am just a dude with a dream... If you got dreams then there is a 82.786% chance that you will love my music (The other 17.214% are people who have hearing disabilities or have dreams but don’t listen to music). The music I create is made for dreamers, especially if you have dreams that nobody understands but you. Life is to short to waste time being something your not. I was in 6th grade when I wrote my first verse and been rapping since. I started producing my own beats in high school because I didn’t know Kanye West, Timbaland, or the Neptunes personally and couldn’t find a producer who was worth the little money I had at the time. Now I am dope and with my crew Ambient Village beside me, nothing can stop us. Hope you guys enjoy my music; it is yours to have, share, and build memories with. Thank you for your time..... Also I am from Seattle.